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Date #9

Key Takeaways: Do second dates = hand-holding?


Name: Leonardo (round 2)

Length of date: 2 hours

How the date was obtained: asking for a second date after the first date

Where: Runyon Canyon for a hike and Open Source Organics for smoothies

After going on the date at Barney’s Beanery with Leonardo the actor, I said that I would want to go on a second with him. So, a few days after the date, he asked if I wanted to go to his house to “watch a movie.” My gut instinct told me to be wary. I hadn’t even shared a meal with Leonardo (remember, I had fries and a shroom burger while he sipped water at Shake Shack), so I felt I didn’t know him well enough to Netflix and Chill. I told him that going over to his house so soon would make me uncomfortable. He texted back saying that he understood. Then, he suggested a hike. See - he didn't even know about my aversion to hiking.

We went on a hike at Runyon Canyon. I tried my best to contain my panting, but at one point we climbed a hill with an 80° angle, so huffing and puffing were unavoidable. We finally made it up and down the abyss and headed to Open Source Organics for smoothies.

My smoothie was served at room temp, which was not ideal. Moving on…

As Leonardo walked me back to my car, he mentioned that his house was close by. He asked if I wanted to come up. I felt on the spot, and shuddered, “I’m still a little uncomfortable going to your house. I just don’t know you that well.” Then I joked saying, “you could murder me. Hahahahahaha…….” He responded saying “I mean, it’s the second date.”

I wondered what that meant. I didn’t think he was talking about the murdering. Everyone knows that happens on the 6th date.

I called my mom afterward and told her what Leonardo said. She responded saying, “I don’t know if he meant anything serious. Maybe he just wanted to visit and hold your hand.”

Hold my hand? Okay, mom.

I asked my male friends later and they said, “the chances of him wanting to just hold your hand are slim.”

I reflected on this second date experience and became a little disheartened. I started to wonder how many dates would it take for me to become comfortable with a stranger. Still, I’ve definitely become more comfortable just going out with new people, so that’s positive. Just need to find that right person… I’ve got a lot more chances to do that. In fact, I've got 43 more.

Overall Experience:

The future for us… I will be recasting this leading man.

Next Week: Hometowns! I'm going back home and will be attending a date there. Chris Harrison says it is going to be the most dramatic date yet!


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