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Date-a-Week inspired me to not give up on dating, even during quarantine. And it worked out pretty well. I have a wonderful girlfriend and I’m so happy now.” - Evan

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This blog has been about my journey with dating every week. But, now It's your turn. I’m leading the charge for Date-a-Week! Lots of people are trying it and their heartwarming stories are on my new website: It’s time to add yours! Grab a seat on the love train, full steam ahead!

The Date-a-Week philosophy offers an intentional, lighthearted, and empowering search for love.

“I’ll always see my dating life as before and after I read Date-a-Week. I’m not one for putting myself out there, but after reading week after week about how even if a date went awry there was always another one around the corner, I felt empowered." - Julia

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