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Date #1

Key takeaways:

Unless you like seeing a possible partner sweating and gasping for air, I don’t suggest hiking as a first date. Also, never feel ashamed of your fanny pack.


Name: Arnold, which is not his real name but he likes golf

Length of date: 2.5 hours

How the date was obtained: Hinge

Where: The Breakroom for smoothies and then the hike to the Hollywood sign

The night before this adventure, I received a text from my date. He sent me a yelp review of the hike which included parking instructions and gave this warning: “I suggest that you take your time because it’s all uphill, exposed and the trail itself is packed with dirt, which can get slippery. Be on the lookout for rattlesnakes, mountain lions and other hikers.” So, needless to say, I was feeling a little uneasy about the next day.

As my family and friends know, I can be riddled with anxiety before auditions, tests and dates. But, I wasn’t too nervous when Sunday came around. I got pumped up on T-Swizzle and drove to The Breakroom. I waited for my date outside and once he arrived, I notice the California native was very smiley, a little shorter than expected and well dressed for an afternoon of activity. We hugged and headed in to order drinks. There, I ordered a smoothie/potion that was supposed to heal all my ailments (I have been suffering from the highly contagious, common cold for the last few days). It was filled with ginger and lemon. Not my favorite witches brew of all time, but I digress... We sipped on our drinks and chatted about our lives. He filled me in on his job, his New Year’s resolutions and his desire for a dog (major bonus). He was very normal and easy to talk to! We were off to a good start.

Then, we caravanned to the start of the hike. Side note – as a rule, I will be driving myself to and from every date destination for my mom’s peace of mind. When we arrived, he and I got out of our respective cars and I strapped on my trusty fanny pack. Yes, I wore a fanny pack. How else was I going to transport my cough drops, car keys and mace? And yes, I brought mace for the aforementioned mountain lions and… my mom’s peace of mind.

We started walking and continued our conversation, which was actually really enjoyable. He and I talked equally, besides the times when I was coughing and catching my breath from what I now believe I have: hiking induced asthma. Our conversation flowed well and we seemed to have several things in common. Also, he didn’t side step off the mountain when I told him I was an actor, which was commendable. Loose gravel gave both of us challenge, as it almost took my feet out from under me. We needed traction, but really didn’t have it. Finally, we reached the top of the lookout. He gazed at the beautiful views as I gasped for breath.

After taking a few pictures of the view, we slowly made our way down Mt. Hollywood (or whatever they call it). As we continued our conversation, I thought to myself: this is a really nice guy, who has made me totally comfortable, but something is missing. That spark is missing and there was a lack of chemistry. He literally did nothing wrong besides say a few questionable things like, “I am experimenting with contacts” and “I have a journal full of New Year’s resolutions” and “I don’t really like hiking.” In fact, if he would have tried to make a move on the top of Tiny Everest, I would have squirmed. I’m so happy with everything he did and I could not have asked for a better first date, but… he’s not the one.

I have felt this way before; I enjoy everything about a guy, but I don’t feel a spark. Through no fault of their own, I cannot see an intimate relationship with them. So, I guess, this date falls under that regrettable category: extremely nice but not for me.

Overall experience:


The future for us… We needed traction, but really didn’t have it. I don’t see us going on a second date. But, I am feeling excited about this journey. I know now there are nice guys in LA. I’m just hoping I find a nice one that kindles a flame.

Next Week: my date is with a person that slid into my DMs! Stay tuned...


Jan 06, 2020

Great blog! Looking forward to the next one. Fanny packs have made a comeback a fashion travesty but valid hiking accessory .


Jan 06, 2020

One of my coworkers wears a fanny pack and I make a point of teasing him relentlessly about it. Maybe I should lighten up. Are fanny packs making a comeback?!


Jan 06, 2020

This is my new favorite blog! I’m proud of you for doing something new and glad we (aka your fans) can hear about your escapades! Date #1 sounded like a good start. My only question is, have you ever seen the movie “He’s just not that into you”? I think in that movie they argue that there is no such thing as “a spark.” Maybe we will find out the answer in the next 52 weeks! Xoxo

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