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Date #14


Name: Rick, remember Rick [Wetzel] from last week

Length of date: 1.5 hours

How the date was obtained: This was a second date

Where: My neighborhood in Portland, OR

This date was a second date! My second, second-date of Date a Week LA. You might remember that my last date with Rick was virtual (over FaceTime) and the idea of having another virtual date was just not appealing to me. But, it’s not like Rick and I could go to a restaurant, see a movie or have my dream date: adopt a dachshund puppy and name it Cheeto.

So, I wracked my brain… could we do something in-person together while still staying 6 feet apart? The answer was “yes.” I did my research and at the time of this date, this statement by Oregon’s governor, Kate Brown (cool gal), was released: “Portland’s parks and natural areas, trails, community gardens, and golf courses remain open at this time for walking, hiking, biking, running - activities which do not involve close contact and where 6 feet of social distancing can be achieved.”

The possibilities with Rick were endless: Golfing, hiking (not ideal because it’s hard), planting in a community garden (weird flex), and what we settled on – walking! Rick and I decided to take an afternoon stroll in my neighborhood.

Did I think that this was the most romantic date of all time? Definitely not. But, it was better than nothing and I was really excited to have human contact with someone outside my immediate family.

To my immediate family who reads all of these posts:

I love you, but I'm also sick of you, but there's no one else I'd rather be quarantined with! Also, Mom if you're reading this, you left your slippers in my room.

And I wasn’t just excited to get out of my house and away from my family; I thought that Rick and I had a real connection. One of the most exciting things was that Rick seemed to understand my sense of humor. He laughed at my jokes, that or he was really good at fake laughing. Now I’m wondering…

When Rick got to my house, we met in the driveway and did not hug. I'll admit, this was awkward because I'm used to having some sort of physical contact on a date. But, we were following the rules. Kate Brown - we're listening to you!

We got going on the neighborhood walk and it was a pleasant day. The sun was out and I was feeling good. I had practically forgotten that there was an international pandemic happening!

It was also fun to walk around in our neighborhood because I noticed so many new things - like new houses. I wondered if Ty Pennington from Extreme Makeover Home Edition had been there. Ty, if you're reading this, I've always dreamed of having a room that had a bowling alley in it. Could we make that happen?

Rick and I had a great time talking and he really made me feel at ease and comfortable. We mostly joked with each other and it was fun to have a date where the conversations weren't so serious. This feels like a trap that I fall into on first dates because I want to learn more about the guy, but it was nice to not talk about religion, politics or whether or not hot dogs are sandwiches (read below what my family thinks about this controversial issue). I liked that we joked and talked about Tiger King and puzzles and awkward high school years - mostly my awkward high school years.

Overall Experience:


The future for us… I’m not totally sure. The future seems pretty uncertain right now. Will Rick and I see each other again? I hope so. But, it seems like the prospect of any relationship is forbidden love right now.

Next Week: Again, who the f knows. If you have ideas – help a sista out and message me. But, I'd like to know how you're doing? Are you dating during this time? What have you done to keep up your relationships? Share your stories with me so I can share them with the other readers! We're in this together! You can message me through the contact page or on the Date a Week LA Instagram!

Are hot dogs sandwiches?

Little Sister - "It's its own thing"

Older Sister - "It's meat between bread: sandwich"

Mom - "A hot dog is basically bologna"

Dad - "Hot dogs are tube steaks"

The National Hotdog Council's and my opinion - "It is not a sandwich"


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