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Date #15

Key Takeaways: On this second date, I did go into a man's apartment...



Name: Billy [Joel] – the piano man, from Date #10

Length of date: 2 hours

How the date was obtained: Asking Billy for a second, but virtual date

Where: Our respective houses plus Paris’s Musée d’Orsay (it’s important that you say this with a French accent)

Don’t get me wrong, I like Facetiming friends and family and I like even more that I don’t have to change out of my pajamas (although my mom did say that I can no longer come to dinner in my pajamas – I felt attacked). But, dating through facetime has been challenging. I have been eager to step outside my routine and try something new.

So, I asked you all for suggestions and I got a response! My cousin sent a New York Times article titled, “For the Asking, Quarantine Approved Dates.” And one of the suggestions was to go on a virtual museum tour.

I was hesitant. I wouldn’t call myself a museum-going-fiend. As a fan of sitting in general, large museums and I have never gotten along. But this museum experience allowed me to sit in my bed, eat ice cream and wear pajamas (which had ice cream remnants on them – this is why I can’t have nice things).

I was excited to go on a second date with Billy. When I suggested the virtual museum activity, he had no qualms about it. Although he did have to check his busy schedule to see when he could fit me in – he’s a jokester. None of us are busy. And if you are, let me know if I can help take something off your plate. I’m desperate to do something besides puzzles.

Billy and I both did our research on the virtual museum tours and decided to go to the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, France. Billy, a cultured man, had already been there and we thought that might help with navigating it on our own.

I’d like to say that this was an easy experience and I’d suggest everyone to try it, but that is not the case. We both started in the same place, but after that, we had trouble “finding each other.”

This is what some of our conversations looked like:

Billy: “Where are you?”

Isabel: “I am by those three busts. The center one looks kind of like Voldemort wearing a hood?”

Billy: “I don’t know if I see that.”

Isabel: “Okay the one on Voldemort’s right looks like a peasant with a big hat and a colorful cape.”

Billy: “Nope.”


Billy: “Do you see the painting of those two sad people eating dinner?”

Isabel: “I see one sad person in a boat.”

Billy: “Close enough.”


Billy: “Where are you now?”

Isabel: “I kinda wandered off and now I am in a room where there is a painting with a bunch of Turkeys on it.”

Billy: “I think I’m in a painting...”

The blind was definitely leading the blind on this one.

I think virtual museums are a good date idea if you and your date are in the same room. Otherwise, it’s a no from me dawg.

I’d have to say that my favorite painting I saw that night was one that Billy showed me in his apartment. It’s one he did when he was four and it looks as though he did not hold back on mixing colors until they were brown. Was he the next Picasso or Pollock? Maybe? I liked seeing this side of Billy. This unpretentious and fun side that wasn’t afraid to display his childhood masterpieces.

Although this act was small, I got a glimpse into Billy’s world that was refreshing. As someone who tries not to take life too seriously, I realized that it’s important for me to find someone who values the same.

Overall Experience:


The future for us… no more nights at this museum.

Next Week: Billy thought of an activity to get our creative juices flowing: writing a short story/skit/sketch based on the same tweet/topic/photo and then we read the stories to each other. I love this idea and I’m so excited. I don’t think you’ll want to miss it.

Here is the museum tour in case you wanted to check it out


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