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Date #20

Key Takeaways: Burning Man is fun, even if you’re not doing shrooms!


Name: Nacho (I will explain…)

Length of date: 1 hour 30 minutes

How the date was obtained: Nacho asked!

Where: In my room, but also Burning Man

A little bit of background information: Since February I have been taking a weekly improv class through The Groundlings. When quarantine started, no one hesitated to continue our class over Zoom. This class is so fun and is often the highlight of my week. Shout out to Roy Jenkins and Roy’s Gang! Woop Woop!

Last week, one of my classmates (who’s a reader of Date a Week LA), asked if I wanted to go on a virtual date; a virtual date to Burning Man! I could hardly contain my excitement. First of all, Nacho is always one of my favorite people to watch improvise so I was excited to spend more time with him. Second, I’ve never been to Burning Man and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

I’m not much of a festival person. Sure, if a festival played John Mayer and Kasey Musgraves exclusively then I would be extremely interested. But my understanding is that festivals play a lot of techno, have pushy crowds, and according to Nacho, are extremely dirty and dusty. So a virtual experience seemed just my speed.

Nacho said that I needed to put up a “green screen” in order to change backgrounds in Zoom, which is the platform we used for this date. I scoured my house for a solid-colored blanket and found a ratty blue fleece one in our linen closet. I then knew my next assignment: create the "Find Isabel a Festival Outfit Taskforce." I promptly drafted my little sister for the undertaking.

Together, we searched my childhood closet. Our options were slim but we found the following: a bright green bandana from a theatre camp, a multicolored headband from a service trip to Nicaragua, and a tassel that I keep on my purse, which I attached to the zipper of my favorite hoodie for the perfect look. My sister also lent me one of her crop tops. I was grateful for her sacrifice.

To my little sister: thank you for your assistance. You are now dismissed and can go back to watching Vikings on Amazon.

Right before the date, Nacho sent me some pictures to use as the background from a festival that he attended: Lightning in a Bottle. Then, it was time for the Zoom call. I had my outfit on, my background ready, and my expectations high. What would then ensue was a hilarious, hour-long improvised scene of two newbie festivalgoers turned festival masters.

These are some of the improvised highlights: Nacho and I getting our festival names (which apparently is a real thing), his was Nacho (short for Nacho Libre obviously) and mine was Prairie G (don’t ask me, ask Nacho), deciding which drugs we were going to take (I chose weed – don’t worry mom), and Nacho playing at least 5 other characters and changing costumes frequently. Oh, and he played a real Burning Man soundtrack throughout the date. Link below.

This was one of my favorite dates thus far. I had so much fun improvising with Nacho and he clearly put in a lot of effort into this date. He got his festival outfits ready, sent me pictures to use as my background, instructed me on how to use a “green screen,” and of course played the festival music. He made me forget about the corona-virus infested, confusing world we live in transported me to a mythical music festival.

So thank you, Nacho. I loved being your Prairie G for the day.

Overall Experience:


The future for us… maybe a real music festival someday!

Next Week: possibly a blind virtual date!

Burning Man Music Link Here

(In case you’re interested, Burning Man 2020 which was supposed to take place this summer, is also going virtual for the first time. So you can go, too! Here’s a link:


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