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Date #21

Key Takeaways: He was a timely guy! Have I met “the one?”


Name: Roger [Federer] because he's a tennis player!

Length of date: 1 hour 15 minutes

How the date was obtained: It was a blind date! A mutual friend set us up.

Where: This was a virtual date so we FaceTimed at our respective homes. His in Seattle and mine in Portland.

As I said, this was a totally blind date. All I knew about Roger was his name and that we had a cool and funny mutual friend. This mutual friend, who is a reader of Date a Week LA, offered his matchmaking services to me. At first, I said I was looking for someone who also lived in LA, but he reached a dead end there. So, I told him he could expand his search to the wider North American region. If that didn't work, I was going to just suggest anyone with a pulse. But, he found someone and the match was made!

Once the mutual friend shared Roger’s digits with me, I shot Roger a text and introduced myself. From there, we texted about all sorts of things: improv, our favorite places to eat, and quarantine pastimes. I shared with Roger that I've been playing more golf recently, and not to brag but I got two pars one round (okay LPGA Tour: my people will be contacting your people). After a couple days of texting, I messaged Roger asking if he wanted to FaceTime. He did! And thank goodness; it would have been really awkward if I asked him to FaceTime and he said, “I'd rather not see your face.”

We were set to FaceTime at 2:00PM. So per usual, five minutes beforehand I started getting ready. I applied a wee bit of makeup, brushed my hair (although after three months in quarantine, seemed almost like a lost cause), and donned my best article of clothing: a high-neck wool sweater. Suuuuuper sexy!

During these 5 minutes, I also became very happy that this was a virtual date because I realized that I smelled like my lunch: a hot dog.

Then at 1:59, Roger texted me and said that he was ready to chat whenever I was.

HOLD UP. 1:59! He was a timely guy? But, almost no one is as timely as I am! Had I met “the one?” I was almost ready right then and there to express my love to him! But, I reminded myself not to be a weirdo, so I called him and just said a casual “Hey!”

What then ensued was one of the most enjoyable conversations I’ve ever had with a stranger. Right away we discovered that we were both passionate about travel. He told me about visiting his family in Australia and I told him about visiting a wild pride of lions in Africa (true story – our Jeep was surrounded by nine young lions, so I burst into tears but lived to tell the tale). He told me that he wasn’t much of a beach-lounger, but that he likes to be active and he even rock climbs. I told him that I wasn’t much of a beach lounger either, which is mostly because I don’t really like the sand and I got a sunburn last August that is still outlined on my back, but I didn’t feel the need to share that with Roger. We also talked about our favorite cities to travel to. I explained that mine was London and Cape Town and he couldn’t have agreed more.

It was at that point that I thought for a second time about professing my love for Roger, but again, I refrained. I played it cool as a cucumber.

About an hour and ten minutes into the date, Roger informed me that his phone battery was at 1%. He was warning me that if the call ended abruptly, it wasn’t because he hated me; it was because his phone hated him. This felt like a good stopping point for the date. But, I did mention that I would be happy to talk again if he was interested. And spoiler alert: he’s interested!

I hung up the phone and had to rub my cheeks. I had been smiling a lot… (and the crowd says in unison: “AWWW”).

Overall Experience:


The future for us… is positive! It has occurred to me that he lives in Seattle and I live in LA, but I’m not going to borrow trouble.

Next Week: Another virtual date with Roger! We already set it up!


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