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Date #26

Key Takeaways: You can find a catch at Catch LA, it’s just not on the menu.


Name: Rick (round 5)

Length of date: 2 hours 30 minutes

How the date was obtained: He asked!

Where: Catch LA Restaurant

First of all cue the music and let me clear my throat. I hopped off the plane at LAX with a mask and my latex gloves (for more “Party in the USA” lyrics re-written for 2020, please check out the end of this post). After COVID quarantining with my family in Portland for three and a half months, I’m back in LA! Date a Week LA can officially re-commence!

Also, remember cool high school track star, Rick? Well, he also made his way down south for a new job. So let the Rick and Isabel story commence! Excited? Me too!

Some of you Los Angelinos may have noticed my date location at the top of this post and thought: “hold the phone. You went to Catch LA, Isabel? I didn’t know you were THAT cool.” And to that I say, “B****, I’ve always been THAT cool.” And to those of you who don’t know what Catch LA is, I would describe it as a dining experience meant for people who believe their “camera eats first” as in, I can’t eat my calamari app before my influencer-friend takes an aesthetically pleasing photo of it.

I’ve never eaten nor taken an aesthetically pleasing photo of my food at Catch LA, but when Rick suggested the trendy restaurant for a date, I was excited. Of course, I was nervous about social distancing, but I read Catch LA’s COVID-19 protocol and it seemed legit. Also, I wanted to make Rick feel welcomed! He recently moved from our home town, Portland, to San Diego. Rick also mentioned that his brother and his brother’s girlfriend would be there. Can you say “double date?” I couldn’t miss this opportunity.

So, before the date, I scoured my closet for a cute outfit that would match my floral mask – it is now essential that your mask doesn’t clash with your outfit! That would be SO embarrassing! I also realized that I needed to make a concerted effort to make everything from the nose-up look above-par because half of my face would be covered for part of the date. I added some extra eye shadow, which I thought would do the trick. But boy was I wrong; an extra dab of eye makeup isn’t all that’s necessary to fit in with the typical Catch crowd.

I got to the restaurant before Rick and his entourage, glanced around, and saw that people were DRESSED-UP. People who’ve been stuck in their houses for months are obviously eager to go out, turn some heads, and display their online impulse purchases. I did not have the same compulsion. I just want to look cute, fun, and presentable. What I should have done was put on running spandex, a bikini top, and my tap shoes (or something equally shiny) because I would’ve blended in better. In fact, an older woman sporting a day-glow blue suit, lace bra, platform sneakers, and a fake tan that ended at her wrists, looked me up and down. Her eyes said something to the effect of: “get out of my way you little jean-wearing youth.”

Soon after that “look” was brutally served, Rick arrived. I was so happy to see him, not only because I wouldn’t have to worry about that suit-wearing woman glaring at me, but because it had been a while since I last saw him in Portland.

Once we all gathered, we walked up to the bouncer (yes, this restaurant has a bouncer) and were let into the restaurant. After a short elevator ride, we were escorted to our outdoor table, which had a beautiful view of LA. Then, we all took a peek at the menu. Catch LA is really known for its seafood, but no fish dish was jumping out at me. I fought this internal battle: don’t I need to order something at Catch LA that was caught? When the waitress, who was wearing gloves, a clear plastic face shield, mask, and goggles arrived at our table I hesitated but ordered the mushroom pasta, which I’ll admit was fantastic. Rick, on the other hand, got something caught and wasn’t really a fan.

Luckily our conversation flowed easily. Rick is so easy to talk to; he has eyes that light up when he smiles and really makes me laugh. His brother’s girlfriend is naturally beautiful, no neon spandex needed, and she made me feel completely comfortable. The banter between Rick and his brother was hilarious especially when I found out about their afternoon bet: whoever lost at a competitive corn hole game had to pay for dinner. Sadly, Rick’s corn hole talents fell short and now has a $350+ bill to prove it.

While Rick lost the bet, this date was a win for me! Without a doubt, it was one of the most enjoyable evenings I’ve had in months. I think one of my favorite things about this date was that it just felt so normal; minus the waitress in a hazmat suit. I got to go out to dinner, meet new friends, and best of all – I got to spend more time with Rick.

Overall Experience:


The future for us… I’m a fan of Rick. I hope I see more of him.

Next Week: TBD

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for: The rewritten version of Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA”:

I hopped off the plane at LAX

With my mask and my latex gloves

Welcome to the land of COVID, yikes

Am I going to get it?

Jumped in her car

Here I am for the first time

Look to my left and I see my masked roommate

This is all so crazy

Everyone seems suspicious

My tummy’s turning and I’m feeling symptomatic

Too much burrito at the airport!

That’s when my roomie turned on her favorite tune

And the J-Beibs song was on

And the J-Beibs song was on

And the J-Beibs song was on

So I put my sanitizer on

Then gloves on top of that

And the germs just fly away

Wearin’ my mask like, yeah

Wipin’ my groceries like, yeah

I got my sanitizer on

Then gloves on top of that

You know I’m going to be okay (@ my Nana)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s COVID in the USA

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s COVID in the USA


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