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Date #36

Key Takeaways: I like Kelly and charcuterie


Name: Kelly

Length of date: 4 hours

How the date was obtained: We talked about it

Where: My house

For this date with Kelly, (whom I've been dating for over a month) we attended a very small wine and cheese event at my house. My roommate, who wrote the post Finding Yourself During a Pandemic, hosted this glorious evening of charcuterie goodness. She had everything: cheese and wine (of course), nuts, fruits, vegetables, olives, hummus, pickles (my fav), and an incredible selection of dried, Italian meats. My roommate told me to bring Kelly, who she referred to as my "significant other." I think she was partly joking, but it did make me think about labels.

What is Kelly to me? I mean, he's obviously more than a friend because I don't know about you but I don't go around kissing my friends. And we are exclusive - as in we're both not dating other people. But, we haven't DTR-ed (Defined The Relationship). So, I guess I'll stick to "significant other" for now.

Anyway, the evening involved good music, dried meats, and Kelly. It was a win in my book.

Overall Experience: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The future for us… Kelly comes in contact with someone who's COVID positive. Can you say: "Dang, gurl, that's a bummer!" No really, could you say that because I'm feeling sorry for myself. Thx.


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