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Date #42

Key Takeaways: Laughter is truly the best medicine

First, an IMPORTANT announcement: this week I’m writing about a date with a guy who seemed as nervous as I was before dating regularly. His anxiety transported me back to my life before Date a Week LA, and before I had over forty dates under my belt. Full disclosure: prior to this adventure, I was often a MESS on dates. Sweaty palms, nauseous, pounding heart, shaking, I had it all. Luckily, the tendency to freak out changed when I decided to become proactive in the search for a meaningful relationship. It’s been transformational! I’m more confident because I’ve lessened the importance of every individual date, after all, there’s always another date next week. This concept has helped me relax and just be myself. I’ve benefited so much from having a Date-a-Week, that I’ve launched a new website: The site has all the information you need to transform your own life (or share it with someone you care about). Take a look and explore this thoughtful approach to finding someone special. Also, on, you’ll read about volunteers who are giving it a try including Ryan and Christine and (drumroll please) I come clean about my identity, there are even photos! So, after you read this post, check out! You’re going to love it, and maybe, just maybe, the philosophy will help you find the love of your life!

Back to my date.


Name: Geovanni, because he lives in Venice, Venice Beach

Length of date: 1 hour 30 minutes

How the date was obtained: I was set up, yet again!

Where: Caffe Luxxe in Santa Monica

I’ve gone on quite a few set-ups during these past 40-plus weeks and I’ve got to say, I like them. Having someone already vetted by a person I know just makes me more at ease. Of course, there are some people I wouldn’t trust to set me up. Like a crazed Nickleback fan, a psycho who thinks Cool Whip is better than whip cream, or Carol Baskin.

I’d heard Geovanni worked at a consulting firm, so I pictured him all buttoned up with a pocket square tucked into the breast pock of a blue blazer. When I met him outside Caffe Luxxe on a Saturday morning, he looked a lot more relaxed than that. This blond haired, blue eyed guy was wearing a bandana as a face mask and had on casual sneakers. If I had to pick between a guy wearing a three-piece suit and someone who looks surfer-chic, I’d choose the latter. (BTW, he also surfs.)

As Geovanni and I walked into the coffee shop together, I sensed he was not as relaxed as his surfer-esque appearance would suggest. In fact, I think he was nervous. When he put the lid on his black coffee (strong choice), I sensed he was on edge.

As I mentioned, I understand more than most people about being tense on a date, even a coffee date. So, I totally empathized with Geovanni’s nerves; it made me warm up to him. We’re kindred spirits.

I wanted to put him at ease and the easiest way to do that, in my opinion, is by making someone laugh. Laughter is truly the best medicine when you’re nervous; black coffee – not as much, Geovanni. Friends, you’re going to be mad, but I told him about my turtle collection right out of the gate! I know, I may never see him again. I also explained how one day I hope to have a wiener dog named Cheeto, and that I played a man in a college theatre production – all the normal stuff people talk about on first dates, right? He laughed at my jokes and quirky stories and I think it helped him relax. Did this conversation border on a one-woman show? Umm no. Definitely no. Never.

When we talked about our favorite TV shows, Geovanni mentioned ZeroZeroZero, which I learned is an adrenalin-pumping crime drama featuring a powerful Italian drug cartel. Then he asked about my favorite show. This was our dialogue:

“Right now, I am watching Call the Midwife

“What’s that about?”

“It’s about midwifery in the 1950s, in England”

“That sounds… dense”

“It really is.”

“Did you just start it?”

“No, I’m on the last episode of the 9th season.”

This exchange literally made me laugh so hard, I struggled to compose myself. I don’t know why I didn’t say something sexier like Selling Sunset, something classic like The Office, or maybe a trendy show like Unorthodox. But no, I chose CALL THE MIDWIFE about OLD-TIMEY MIDWIFERY. Come on, Isabel!

By the end of the date, Geovanni had hit his stride. Also, by focusing on him, I was not self-conscious at all. I just wanted to make sure he was having a good time, which inadvertently made me have a good time, too. Nice!

Was I too chatty? Impossible! We had great banter and full disclosure, we’ve already had a second date, a dinner date no less. I hear you saying, “Geeze, Isabel you’ve been cheating on us! Dating behind our backs!” Simmer down, you’ll get the deets.

Overall Experience:


The future for us… Well, we’ve had a second date, so that’s promising.

Next Week: Or better yet, right this minute, check out the new website. Here’s a link to! It’s where I have my big reveal and I come clean – there are even some photos! Bottom line: I’ve done three-quarters of this journey in anonymity, these next few months, you’re going to really get to know me!

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18 oct 2020

Love your posts, as always! Did watching call the midwife make you terrified of potentially giving birth one day??

Me gusta
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