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Date #45

Key Takeaways: Having a serious sense of humor filter is no laughing matter – jokes on jokes on jokes.


Name: George because he went to Georgetown… or should I call him Town? I’ll stick to George.

Length of date: 2 hours

How the date was obtained: Bumble

Where: Holmby Park in Los Angeles

Throughout these 10 months (yes, I have been at this dating game for 10 months) I have discovered that I need to find a guy that has a sense of humor. I’m looking for a jokester! I want someone that likes classic movies like Bridesmaids, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Napoleon Dynomite, and [insert any Will Ferrel or Jack Black movie here]. I love to laugh so it’s important that I find someone who values the same.

So, on my search through the mysterious world of dating apps, I stumbled upon George. On his dating profile, he answered one of the prompts they listed, which said, “I quote too much from…” and he answered “Superbad? John Mullaney? The Office? It’s been six months; I forget what socializing is.” This made me laugh. So, sense of humor – CHECK.

I messaged George and we agreed to meet up for a socially distanced picnic. He is newer to LA, so I picked the picnic spot: Holmby Park. One of the cool things about this specific park is that it is SUPER close to the Playboy mansion. It’s so nice when a date is close to my house!!

George picked up the food at a local Mexican restaurant, Tacos Tu Madre, which I believe means: Your Mom is a Taco*. Since George was providing the food, I said I could bring my beach chairs. So, I got to the date first and set up the chairs 6 feet away from each other. While I was setting up the chairs, I realized that one of them was covered in oil because AutoZone convinced me to buy a gallon of oil for my car instead of a quart like a normal person (shame on you AutoZone for swindling money from young adults who know nothing about cars and shame on me for knowing nothing about cars). Anyway, I decided to take one for the team and sit in the oil-ladened chair. Luckily, I didn’t hug George when I saw him because of social distancing so he never found out.

After we got settled in our beach chairs, we had a really fun conversation. I have never met someone who has such a similar sense of humor as me. He was telling me that he moved to LA because he wants to be a screenwriter or possibly write for a Late Night show. I then asked him who his favorite Late Night host is and he said Conan O’Brien, who happens to be my favorite as well (although I love Seth Meyers too). It’s very specific to love Conan O’Brien so it was fun that we could bond over the red-haired giant. I also talked about some of my favorite SNL sketches and cast members and mentioned one of my favorites Kyle Mooney, whom he also loved.

I will say, when he first arrived at the date, I thought, “He’s cute, but I don’t know how attracted I am to him.” But as the date went on, I felt myself become more and more interested in George. Word to the guys (who want to date me): mention Conan O’Brien and I will start swooning. I’m glad I didn’t make a snap judgment about George because he is growing on me. In fact, I’m looking forward to our second date…

Overall Experience:


The future for us… Date Numero Dos. *I do know Spanish, by the way. And Tacos Tu Madre roughly translates to Your Mom's Tacos. Shout out to my high school Spanish teacher Señora Raffaele.

Next Week: a stroll through the Venice Canals – hopefully, I won’t run into Geovanni pushing a gondola!

Lastly, be sure to check out the other dates that happened this week on Date a Week. Another word to the guys (in LA): there is a new, hot, and single gal in your area named Jess that is ready to date. Let me know if you're interested.


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