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Date #47

Key Takeaways: A case of mistaken identity? Wait to go in for a hug if you’re meeting a blind date when everyone is wearing masks.


Name: Vinny because he’s from Long Island, NY and I feel like that is a name that belongs on Long Island. When you read this post in your head, or better yet out loud, please make sure you are saying “Vinny” with an Italian accent; it’s essential.

Length of date: 2 hours

How the date was obtained: Hinge

Where: Laurel Hardware

I had been talking to Vinny (cue Italian accent) for a few days on Hinge before he asked me out. He originally suggested golfing, which I thought would be a fun and outdoorsy date, but it ended up not working for our schedules. So, he suggested we go to Laurel Hardware for dinner.

Did I tell him that I would be going there just two days later for my 24th birthday dinner? No. Because Laurel Hardware has A+ food, including fried shrimpies with a chipotle mayo that will knock your socks off. So, he made a reservation for 8:00PM at the restaurant. I was really impressed that he took initiative to make a reservation because sometimes guys are like “Where do you want to go to dinner? I only know dive bars within a 1-mile radius of my apartment!” But no, Vinny made a reservation and that made me think that I was about to go on a date with a mature, grown man. Score!

When I was pulling up to the restaurant, I got a text from Vinny: “Here!” Perfect timing. Both of us were five-minutes early. I parked, put on my white facemask, and made my way to the entrance. Laurel Hardware, by the way, is a notorious, trendy date spot in LA. Therefore, lots of men were waiting by the entrance for their dates. I spotted a tall, brown-haired man making direct eye contact with me. So, I walked up to him and said “Vinny!” He then put his arms out for what I thought was a hug. I was a little anxious about my proximity to him but he had told me before the date that he had just gotten a negative COVID test result after a work trip. So, I hugged him back. Then, I said something like “It’s so nice to finally meet you!” We exchanged pleasantries. I noticed he had a Russian accent, which I thought was strange for a guy from Long Island, but I moved on. We made some more small talk while waiting in line. He finally said, “What brings you to West Hollywood?” I paused, furrowed my brow, and said, “I thought I told you I live in West Hollywood." A lightbulb seemed to go off in his head. He said, “Oh no. You’re not my date.”

Now his Russian accent made sense. Blushing, I apologized profusely. Soon after this exchange, his real date, who was blonde and very tall, joined him. As you might know, I am not blonde and tall, I worried about this man’s powers of discernment, of course, I was also wearing a mask. Now I was more worried about Vinny. Had he decided I abandoned him after talking to The Russian guy for five-minutes? Where was Vinny? I approached another guy and said, “hi sorry, are you Vinny?” He looked confused and said “Uh, no.” Got it. Then I passed another guy (my third) and whispered “Vinny” under my breath, and he didn’t answer to that, so I figured that was a no-go.

Finally, I spotted a well-dressed guy who had the requisite brown hair who was texting on his phone. This has to be him, I decided. “Hey, Vinny?” He nodded, “Uhh Huh” while focusing on his phone. A match! I was so happy that I finally found him! I rambled on about the Russian man and how embarrassing that had been. He seemed distracted by his phone, which I thought wasn’t terrific, but I forged ahead and admitted I’d approached several other men as well. The guy finally looked up from his phone and said, “are you talking to me?” I said, “Haha umm yes, Vinny. I am talking to you.” He said, “Oh, I’m not Vinny.”

I should have given up then because at this point everyone waiting to get into the restaurant knew me as the girl in a blue sweater yelling “Vinny?!?” I finally texted the real Vinny and said, “I’m here. Where are you?” And he replied, “Oh I’m in my car. I’m coming now.”

His car. He was in his car. Right.

The date after that was uneventful. Vinny was nice, came from a good family, seemed to have an interesting job, but I found my mind drifting throughout the date, which isn’t fair to Vinny. I couldn’t help it; partly because Mr. Russian Man was sitting at the table closest to ours. But partly because I was frustrated. Another date with another guy who I don’t have chemistry with.

But, am I giving up now? No way, Jose. I have five more dates. FIVE MORE! I am going to stick it out! For better or for worse! Date a Week LA and I are together forever!

Overall Experience:


The future for us… Maybe Mr. Russian Man needs a date?

Next Week: I will be in Portland, so I am hoping to date a sweet, Pacific Northwestern man. If you have any leads, let me know.

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