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Date #5

Key Takeaways: Going on a date is not a one-woman show and I don’t have to fill every tiny silence with entertaining quips.

Vitals: Name: Logan, which is not his real name but he loves the HBO show, Succession

Length of date: 2 hours How the date was obtained: Hinge Where: The Roger Room in West Hollywood

When Logan suggested that we meet at a bar called The Roger Room, I was a little hesitant. You see, I am allergic to alcohol. I’ve tried lots of drinks from Bloody Marys to Baileys, but so far, it's a no from me dawg. It might be nice to sip a real drink, take the edge off and have some social bonding time over a beer, but for now, I have to settle for being everyone’s favorite designated driver. While I love any excuse to drink Diet Coke, usually when people go to a bar, they are expected to order alcohol. But, lots of first dates happen at bars and I was excited to participate in that culture.

Since this was my first “bar date,” I didn’t really know what to wear. I don’t own many “going out” clothes. If the dress code for bars was solid, crew-neck tees then I would be set, but it’s not. So, I scoured my closet and didn’t find anything. Then, I scoured my sister’s closet and found a high-end, black V-neck. Score!

Moving on: It was time to go to the date.

I am hesitant to say that I live really close to The Roger Room for fear that someone will find out where I live, but I do. Extremely close actually, so I walked there.

Logan was waiting there for me – a timely guy! He was casually sipping on something brown on ice. I sat down and ordered my infamous Diet Coke – also brown and on ice. He said something like, “Are you sure that’s all you want?” I was caught: “Oh yeah! I love Diet Coke and... I’m allergic to alcohol.” He laughed saying, “Why did you let me take you to a bar?” I didn’t have a good answer besides saying that it would’ve been awkward to explain my allergies over text.

After that we had a really nice conversation. Logan works in the film industry, so it was nice to talk to someone who understands what it’s like to work in a creative field. He also talked about how he is a SoCal native and a college football fanatic. Go Trojans? Logan also told a colorful story about wanting a dog his whole life, but his parents didn’t let him have one growing up. Then, when he left for college, they immediately bought one and he said he never grew close to that dog out of spite. It was hilarious.

When there was a lull in the conversation, I overshared... as per usual. You guessed it, more turtle talk. Why?

I was analyzing why I overshare when I’m slightly nervous and I think it is because I feel compelled to entertain people. I just love to make people laugh, so I have some go-to stories that I tell dates because I know they get laughs. For example: I had 2 tortoises and they were both named Shelly, I’ve dressed up as Guy Fieri for Halloween and I said "good evening" to my gorgeous, male yoga instructor when it was 10:00AM (this happened last week). I overshare these personal details because I think they entertain. Next time, I will be charging for my one-woman shows.

When the date was wrapping up, I mentioned that I walked to The Roger Room, so Logan offered to walk me home. I said there was no need and that I would be fine, but he insisted. Logan was very normal and the farthest thing from a creep, so I said yes.

When we got outside of my place, I thanked him for walking me back. Then there was this moment of silence that lasted 8 minutes! It was actually 2 seconds, but it felt like a long time. Then I blurted, “I’d love to see you again if you’re interested.” And he said, “yeah for sure!” Then we hugged and went our separate ways.

But I shouldn’t have said that. Sure, I had a nice time with Logan, but I didn’t really feel any chemistry. I would happily be friends with him, but I didn’t see anything romantic in our future. Unfortunately, in those 2 seconds of silence, I had no idea what to say. I couldn’t muster up the courage to tell him that I wasn’t interested in a round 2. So, I said what I thought he wanted to hear and I’m not proud of that.

So, here I am asking for your help. What do I say at the end of the date when I know that I don’t want to go on another? Part of me feels like my current scheme of saying I’m moving to Bermuda isn’t the best option. Please let me know in the comment section.

Overall Experience:


The future for us... I don’t see Logan as a part of an Isabel Succession plan.

Next Week: Someone who hit me up on the “contact” page!

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Feb 03, 2020

Nope. You should go RIGHT on extricating yourself from dates by saying WHATEVER IT TAKES to end the date calmly and on good terms. Then follow up with a shut-it-down text later. If anyone gives you shit, clap back: "Women often say what men want to hear because some men respond... poorly... to rejection. Sending mixed messages is a defense mechanism against gender-based violence. You seem like a gentleman, but I decided to play it safe." And if they keep pushing: "What a privilege to be able to be 100% honest 100% of the time without fear of physical retaliation! Enjoy it!!" Block and move on. #fuckthepatriarchy

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