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Date #35 +

Key Takeaways: Step right up! Why you should consider a Date-a-Week!


Name: Date-a-Week

Length of date, how the date is obtained, and where: Up to you...

If you've been following this blog, you know a couple things: 1. I have been dating Kelly for a while now 2. I like him quite a bit 3. I’m a little obsessed with Nacho Libre.

As I wrote my last post, Date #34, I realized that my time hanging out with Kelly was not a super entertaining read. Many of you liked it when I wrote about my escape room adventure, or The League virtual speed dating, or my date with the actor who worked with Nicole Kidman! Those dates made for some fun blog posts, but they don’t compare to spending time with Kelly and talking to him for hours. (Aaawww, said in unison I’m assuming.)

Finding someone I care about has made me realize that going on a date every week could actually be successful for other people. Maybe I’m on to something? Maybe you or one of your single friends wants to give it a try? Well, I’m going to be your guide on this interactive journey!

Dating every week has so many positive benefits: by committing to going on a date each week, you’re taking action to seek out someone you care about in a proactive way. You’re also taking the pressure off yourself because no matter what happens on any one date, you’ll have another date the following week. This may help people feel freer to be more authentic with less self-censorships, or at least that is how it made me feel. It can also make a person feel less vulnerable even while in a relationship because they have the first-hand knowledge that they’re capable of starting the process over, one date at a time. That’s reassuring.

From my experience, letting people close to you know you’ve set a goal to have a date every week is a big part of the process. Quite a few people I already knew came forward and asked for a date, which was very flattering. Maybe there are people out there who’ve wanted to ask you out? After they learn you’re open and stakes are low, they may just slide into your DMs. Then you can just grab a cup of coffee or go for a walk, no pressure. Over the last 8 months, half of the men I dated were people I already knew. Another quarter were blind dates, which is also very humbling. It’s sweet that friends and family wanted to fix me up. I can see how blind dates work for a lot of people. It can be nerve-wracking, but also reassuring because a person you already know has vetted the individual. So work your networks, friends. You never know who’s out there and interested!

Of course, I don’t think that everyone should blog about their experiences. (Stay in your own lane, people.) While writing a blog about going on a date every week has held me accountable, it has also been, well… complicated. First, it has given my family an insider’s look at my dating life and boy do they have opinions - you know who you are. It has emboldened them to weigh in regularly about my choices, which is less than ideal. Also, because some of the guys I’ve dated know about the blog, it has required some diplomacy and a bit of sugarcoating at times. This can be exhausting.

All that being said, I think that others could benefit from a Date a Week without the responsibility of writing a blog and they might even enjoy the process!

Which is why I am launching! I will be putting my theory about dating every week to the test by coercing friends to go on a date every week for a month, COVID-19 be damned! (Jk, everyone has to totally be vigilant and use best practices to stay safe!)

My first Date-a-Week(ers) are Brittany and Cornelius. Click HERE to learn more about them, including: their jobs, their passions, and their past loves. They will be going on dates every week (not with each other) for the month of September and then writing about their experience. Maybe they will be more comfortable dating, maybe they will find out if they are really ready for a relationship, maybe they will fall in love – who knows? But, each week you can expect an update. Who’s next? Anyone want to give it a try in October? You can DM me on the @dateaweekla Instagram or you can email me at if you're interested.

As for me, I will still be updating you about my dating life every week.

Date #35 was of course with Kelly, was of course 5 stars and involved us getting salads at the Sweet Green near my house, playing Monopoly Deal with my roommates, and watching The Office. Crazy, I know!!

Overall Experience:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ all the way around

The future for us… EVERYONE GOING ON DATES!!

Next Week: Brittany and Cornelius go on their first dates and I go on Date #36, which is actually my 12th date with Kelly because one date a week is not enough.


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