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Harry [Houdini's] Side

I asked Harry (from Date #6) to write about his reaction to our date. So, here it is!

"Having known Isabel for just a short two-week period three years ago in a class in Chicago, I was very curious to see what our chemistry would be like. She suggested an escape room prefacing with “This may sound kind of crazy,” which made me laugh. I was expecting way weirder. If that was “crazy” my original idea for the date would have been insane in Isabel land. I was going to suggest a visit to the Holyland Exhibition, a cultish museum of the real-life Indiana Jones’ house in Silverlake. I hadn’t told her my idea yet, so when she suggested the escape room, I went right along with the “crazy” idea.

I disagree with Isabel’s assessment; I think an escape room is a great first date. You get to see how you work as a team and you get a little more physically comfortable with the other person by swinging swords and pulling levers than you would on a normal coffee date. I was very entertained by how seriously Isabel was taking the challenge, her terrified screams, and the commitment she had to the escape. Solving the puzzles also took some pressure away from the formal awkwardness that comes with a first date. And honestly, what bonds a couple better than one of them shutting the other in a coffin and sticking a sword down the middle!?!

After the escape room, I wanted to show how hip and trendy I am by taking Isabel to Night and Market, but upon arrival, it was full. SO, she took me to a ramen spot. We had a great conversation where we learned about each other’s lives, talked about our interests, and the challenges of dating in LA. I spoke about how every first date in LA seems like two people seeing if the other fits their checklist. And about how because of the apps and social media, it’s hard for a relationship to organically grow because there is always that shiny new toy mentality when you are swiping. Isabel is a truly funny girl. Very smart, quick-witted, a little guarded, and severe (in a sexy way). As the date ended and we said a kind of awkward goodbye, I wondered if she had already decided about me before the date began. How much was she present in the date and how much was she focused on what she was going to write? All of it was fascinating to me.

Then came the fun part, waiting to see what she would publish. I then wondered how authentic I was on the date. There was a strange terrible “man” impulse in me that wanted to be “better” than the dates who had come before. The competition excited me! I texted her the next day “Had a fun time, would love to do it again” to which she responded the day after, “I’ll definitely let you know.” And then the waiting to see what she would write, turned to dread. Eventually, I saw the post and it was very sweet. I was expecting to be super praised or TORN DOWN, and I was not. A little disappointing to my vanity, but what can you do! Two days after a very nicely phrased text about how she just wanted to be friends came to my message inbox, we found ourselves walking into the same rehearsal room for a play we both happened to be cast in. Fate? It could be!

Overall, it seems that Isabel and I are not meant for each other! The date was fun and the fact that it was documented added an interesting layer for me. I am interested to see where this blog will take Isabel! In the meantime, if anyone has “better” taste, give me a call! ;)"

Back to me, Isabel, now.

If you want to go on a date with Harry, then email I would be happy to set you up. He is a genuine, kind and talented guy that any gal would be lucky to get to know.

Also, stay tuned for Sunday's post! I went on a date with a high school boy!! To clarify, someone who went to my high school. I'm not a creep, people.


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