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Ever wonder what my family thinks of Date a Week LA? Well, I asked my mom to chime in! Warning: she's extremely biased.

My mom:

"Key Takeaway: Isabel is just too self-deprecating and needs to mention a few of the qualities that make her an amazing person to date!

Isabel has ambitious career goals and is following her passion in a competitive creative field; it’s exciting but can be all-consuming. Up until now, she’s put professional training and aspirations ahead of making an effort to date. To that, we say: “You go gurl! Invest time in your future!” But I’ll admit, it’s nice to see Isabel turn her attention to meeting new people and it would be lovely for her to find someone special, nothing serious mind you, just a caring young man who values her and vice versa. So, how to meet that special someone…

When Isabel explained her plan to create Date a Week LA, I was apprehensive. I worried about who she’d meet and if she’d be safe. I am a “safety first” kind of mom, the kind who added a purse-sized canister of pepper spray to her Christmas stocking. She’s called me overprotective, but rest assured that I’m just the right amount of protective. Isabel explained that her security precautions were in place for this new dating experiment, which untied one knot in my stomach. Also, at this point, half of her dates have been with young men she’d met before who’ve also been reading this blog. Generally, I’ve gotten more comfortable about her sharing this personal journey, and it’s been heartwarming to have people cheering her on. It’s a brave endeavor and I admire Isabel for putting herself out there!

Call me old fashioned, but I’m still not quite sure about dating apps. Lots of people have had amazing success and 48% of individuals in Isabel’s demographic have used the apps, according to my research. (Side note: I worry that pre-screening everyone to match your education level, religion, race, geographic location, etc. may further stratify society, but I digress.) Anyway, I met my husband, Isabel’s dad, at a Christmas party. Our contemporaries found college, workplaces, and in-person social networking were the paths to romance and face-to-face introductions were easy to make - they still are. (Just talk to each other, people! No one is going to hold it against you if you say hello.)

There’s also a lot to be said for becoming involved in an activity you love, so you can find those who have similar interests to see if sparks fly. Unfortunately, Isabel’s non-professional interests don’t seem to bring her in contact with a variety of young men. (Volunteering at a homeless program has brought interested suitors, but their lifestyle has taken them out of consideration.) But Isabel likes to do other things, too! She likes going out dancing, skiing, boating, photography, and yoga, so maybe poking around a dating app has merit.

In case you haven’t noticed, Isabel is very self-deprecating; too self-deprecating! She often ignores my not-so-subtle requests to balance self-revelatory information like rambling on about turtles, being lactose intolerant or spattering Ramen on her shirt, with the positive qualities that make spending time with her a joy. In case she never gets around to mentioning positive attributes, and on the off chance a nice young man is reading this, I’ll get to it! Isabel is so loyal she has friends from preschool; she’s quite athletic and a dog lover who hopes to own a Dachshund one day. Isabel is adventurous: she’s a world traveler who has experienced a Safari in Batswana, attended a wedding in Kunming, China, rode a camel in Morocco and been zip lining in Nicaragua. She is a very spiritual person who loves the arts and saw 27 plays during a semester abroad in London. Isabel is a natural beauty who doesn’t wear too much make-up (I’ve suggested a bit more eyeliner, blush and lip-gloss, but that’s neither here nor there.) She’s quick-witted and ambitious but doesn’t take herself too seriously. She’s supportive of others… she’s tenderhearted, affectionate and incredibly close to her grandparents. In general, Isabel is just a sweetheart.

Finally, while I have this platform, I’d like to lobby Isabel to let me select one of her dates. What would I be looking for, you ask? A wish list from me includes a young man who is friendly, caring, driven, likes to travel, open to growth, enjoys the arts, and has a good sense of humor. (If he should ever spend time with Isabel’s dad, enjoying golf or fishing would be a plus.) It’s important that he also doesn’t take himself too seriously; in general, a person who is comfortable in his own skin.

So what do you say, Isabel? Shall I find a date for you?

Love, mom"


Feb 14, 2020

I’d let Mom choose a date!! How fun ! Ifs just a date., not a lifetime.


Feb 13, 2020

Isabel, I have enjoyed reading about your adventures:) Yes, I'm with mom, I think giving her a chance to choose a date for you is a great idea! After all moms know best, right??


Feb 13, 2020

Isabel- bravo 👏🏼 I commend you for being pro-active 😊

Now, let Mom give it a try 😁


Marcia Turnquist
Feb 13, 2020

I also vote for mom to choose--better yet, let's all go back to arranged marriages! Seriously though, you're such a catch Isabel. So, allow me add two more criteria: a provider with a promising future--and family man. Oh, and it doesn't hurt to be good looking. :)


Feb 12, 2020

I agree with all of the positive qualities about Izzy! She has always been so welcoming to me as a new family member and a delight to spend time with. I also think Mom should get to choose a date! My mom predicted my marriage--5 years before we started dating, she said my friend Andrew had "that gleam in his eye!" Mom's know....

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