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Date #33

Key Takeaways: My roommates weigh in about Kelly


Name: Kelly (round 5)

Length of date: 3 hours

How the date was obtained: arranging for a 5th

Where: my place… bow chicka wow wow – jk

After a string of successful dates, Kelly and I arranged to meet again and this time I offered to host. I was excited about the prospect of having him over to my apartment for several reasons. First, he has a contagious smile and makes me laugh and secondly, I’m so comfortable being in my own home.

I’m a bit of a homebody, but then again who isn’t during this never-ending pandemic? Don’t get me wrong, before COVID I was heading to the gym almost every day. I still love going on hikes, playing golf, or walking in the neighborhood with Freddie (who could forget Poop Gate?). But I also love being wrapped in my plush bedding, making Nespresso coffee in the morning, and reading a good book (I’m currently reading The Art of Not Giving a F***). And if you think being a homebody is weird, then I say to you: “I don’t give a f***” – I’m really taking this book to heart! Anyway, I was excited to have a date on my home turf.

Since Kelly was coming from work, I offered to pick up dinner from one of my favorite restaurants: Jon and Vinny’s. There is a lot of hype around this famous LA eatery, and in my opinion, it's worth it. They just have the “fresh ingredients” (which should be said like Jack Black does in Nacho Libre, for reference, there’s a link below). Prior to Kelly’s arrival, I also baked banana bread, mostly because my bananas were turning brown. But I also thought it would be a sweet touch if Kelly walked into my apartment and smelled fresh, baked goods. No doubt I was pulling out all the stops to take full advantage of my home team advantage.

Eventually, Kelly arrived and we took the elevator up to the roof of my apartment to have a picnic dinner. Since this rooftop terrace is a common area, I was a little worried that someone would cramp my style by barging in on what-was-supposed-to-be a romantic evening. But luckily, no one attempted to interfere with our picnic besides a few influencer-y girls taking sunset pics for their ‘grams. It was a beautiful night with a gorgeous sunset, oh and Kelly isn’t too bad to look at either so he added to my view. We ate our delicious pasta, enjoyed each other’s company, and ate more pasta. Eventually, the sun set so we headed downstairs, which was when two other people joined our date: my roommates.

I was eager for my roommates to meet Kelly. I trust their opinion and wanted to hear what they thought. Did they think he was charming? Funny? Attractive? All the above? Some of the above? None of the above?!? Also, did they think we seemed compatible? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I am a unique gal and need someone who shares my irreverent view of the world.

Luckily, my roommates hit it off with Kelly. They even asked to see the magic tricks he’d shown me on our previous date and he kindly obliged. I got out a deck of cards and he got to work, mystifying my roommates and myself (again). Even when I put him on the spot, he was a great sport, which is another awesome quality. Below there’s a more in-depth look into what my roommates thought of Kelly.

Even though we’ve only known each other for about a month, it seems like I’ve known Kelly for much longer. I know, I know, that sounds as cliché as a Disney Channel Original Movie, but hear me out people. I feel myself becoming more emotionally connected as time passes. I’ll admit, there’s a feeling of vulnerability that comes with my attraction and at times that makes me anxious. I try to remind myself not to worry about the future and to live in the moment, as I've promised myself I'd do.

It's funny though - I've always heard people talk about the beginning of relationships being like a rollercoaster of emotions. And now, I get it. Because friends, I am holding that ticket. I go from feeling anxious to excited to uneasy to gitty. Luckily, I believe that I am a pretty grounded person with other things going on in my life. So at this point, I have more to gain than lose by continuing on this thrill ride and seeing where it takes me.

Overall, this was another great date. I felt the most comfortable I have so far, which I think was a result of being in my own environment with people that I care about. In fact, I wish all dates with Kelly involved my apartment, pasta, and magic. But I am also happy just spending time with Kelly.

Below, you can read my roommate’s feedback so you have more insight into what other people think about Kelly!

Roommate A (who also wrote a blog post a couple weeks ago, called Finding Yourself During a Pandemic): “First impressions are big for me, especially when I’m meeting a person who is dating someone that I care about. Meeting Kelly was like a breath of fresh air. He was charismatic, had a good handshake, and fit well with Isabel. He was really good at holding a conversation and was a good sport about doing magic for us after we practically begged him. 10/10. I’m a big fan.”

Roommate B: “I will say, I was definitely looking forward to meeting Kelly! From the first date, Isabel was super excited about him and had nothing but great things to say. I was very excited to meet the man who had swept her off her feet! From the moment I met him, I knew he was a gem. He greeted me with a huge hug, which was an A+ in my book. It eases awkwardness and makes you feel automatically comfortable with the person. Kelly was incredibly charismatic and super easy to talk to - the kind of person who can strike up a conversation and find something to talk about with anyone! He even showed off a few magic tricks, which were actually super cool! We love a magician lol. By the end of the night, we were all sitting around the table and having a laugh. The chemistry between my roommate and Kelly was so genuine and made my heart so happy. My first impressions of Kelly were great.”

Oh and don't forget about this Nacho Libre Clip. ooxxooXoXXx - if you know, you know.

Overall Experience:


The future for us… looking good!

Next Week: My 6th date with Kelly. This date didn’t exactly go as planned… Tune into next week’s blog post to find out what happened.


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