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Date #39 (Charlie's side)

I asked Charlie, from Date #39, if he would write his side of the date. He’s so generous I’m blushing! Here is what he said:

At first, I was uneasy and somewhat self-conscious about sharing my thoughts on this blog. But Isabel’s ambitious nature has inspired me to give writing a Date a Week post a try. Writing this blog post is a first for me. Isabel asked if I wanted to contribute when our date was ending, and it caught me off guard. Being around her was so comfortable and easy that I had completely forgotten about this blog.

So here it goes: We kept it simple over dinner at The Curious Palate in Santa Monica, which by the way proved difficult for both us to find. We had reservations, but surprisingly we pretty much had the restaurant to ourselves. This was a first date for us, and really a blind date/setup, but any awkwardness was quickly dispelled by Isabel’s laid back and go-with-the-flow nature. I guess that should be expected from someone who is willing to publicly share their dating experiences. I noticed she’s a very open-minded and grounded person who seems to have strong values due to close relationships with family and her world travel experiences. Isabel wears many hats and seems to be someone who can accomplish whatever she sets her mind to. She does have an aversion to spicy food, yet that doesn’t seem to stop her from having a fiery and ambitious quality. She’s a Scorpio for those of you who are into astrology.

[A note from me (Isabel) about being a Scorpio: I’m not crazy about my zodiac sign. I’ve read Scorpios can be stubborn, but I don’t believe that and you can’t convince me otherwise! On the plus side we’re supposed to be “the most loyal friends and partners you could ever ask for, and great at being authentic,” so that’s nice.]

Back to Charlie’s sweet post: We touched on a range of subjects from suggestions for Hulu shows to our mutual love of Iceland. We also comfortably navigated a political conversation where her purposefulness truly showed through her volunteer efforts writing letters to urge people to vote. Personally, I can sometimes feel a bit awkward when meeting new people, but I felt at ease in her presence due to her authenticity. Isabel is a very witty, creative, and passionate person and I consider myself fortunate to be in her company.

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Heidi Amundson
Oct 18, 2020

Congrats on your web page! Wonderful to have you do full disclosure photos! So refreshing to have a (young) adult write inspirational, heart -warming and funny stories about dating. You go girl! Thanks for sharing!

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