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Date #43

Key Takeaways: I shouldn’t talk about space because I get too worked up and also, maybe I look like Penélope Cruz?


Name: Geovanni (from Date #42)

Length of date: 1 hour 30 minutes

How the date was obtained: I texted him after the first date to see if he wanted to go on a second

Where: Zinqué in Venice

As you’ll remember, last week I went on a date with Geovanni, the business consultant who likes to surf. On our coffee date, he seemed nervous but eventually, we were chatting up a storm and I felt a connection. Thinking he might be too shy to ask me out again, I sent him a text and we arranged for a date in “his neck of the woods” (which should be said in an Al Rocker voice). He seemed happy to hear from me and suggested Zinqué, a French restaurant in Venice. Geovanni was digging into his European roots for this one!

I arrived at Zinqué first and shortly after Geovanni sauntered up. We were seated outside, which is an awesome SoCal COVID-safe option that I hope will continue throughout the long winter. We removed our masks and checked out the menu. He ordered a healthy, salmon bowl and I ordered mushroom flatbread. Then I asked the waiter, “How are the fries?” I don’t know why I asked because no one replies: “actually, our fries are horrid. Steer clear! I would suggest a side-salad, instead.” In this instance, the waiter responded with a resounding, “They’re good.” Well, sir, because you absolutely insist, I shall take an order or your finest fries. Clearing my throat, I suggested that we “get an order for the table.” Geovanni shot me a look like, “I didn’t ask for that,” which was true.

We proceeded to have a friendly conversation. Geovanni warmed up while we dined, and I learned more about his sweet-sounding family and wholesome upbringing. While Geovanni and I were sitting outside, we both looked up and caught sight of a beautiful crescent moon. Making conversation, I mentioned that I’m not a fan of outer space.

He raised his eyebrows and said “what?” I explained, “I try not to think about the vast unknown outside of the Earth’s atmosphere. In my opinion, there’s just too much to think about when it comes to our universe, and other stars, and planets, and galaxies!”

Obviously, space is not the best topic for flirty date chitchat. I can say this with confidence because Geovanni looked at me like I was crazy. But, I don’t think I’m CRAZY for being worried about a universe that goes on forever and ever and never stops, and then when you think “it has to stop,” people say “Actually no, Isabel, it’s still expanding” and then you’re like “how does it have somewhere to expand; what is it expanding into?!” Now I’m getting myself worked up. I’m going to be back in 1 minute. I’m just going to do some deep breathing exercises and watch some of The Great British Baking Show (this always calms me down).

Okay, I’m back. So, date #43 was interesting. But as you know friends, I’m a chatty gal who loves to laugh and make other people laugh. Geovanni’s comfortable with long pauses in a conversation and I have a tendency to fill the silence. Is this difference in communication style off-putting to him? Who knows? We had some laughs, and he’s really a great person, but in general, I felt like we weren’t really jiving, which is okay. That’s the great thing about dating every week: there’s always next week.

So, we walked to the exit and said our goodbyes. I was feeling a little defeated, but just then a kind man said, “Hey, you look like Penelope Cruz.” I looked around, wondering if this man was talking to someone behind me, but he pointed to me and confirmed, “yes, you.” Well, you could say I was flattered, but that would be a huge understatement. I walked away from this date with a bounce in my step, all thanks to a man with questionable eyesight.

Overall Experience:


The future for us… As the Italians say, “Ciao”

Next Week: Surf’s up! (How many surfers can one gal date? Right?)

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Oct 29, 2020

Omg.... Hilarious, Isabel! "All because of a man with questionable eyesight." LOL

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