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Date #46

Key Takeaways: You’ve got to find out, what’s the right type of crazy?


Name: George, the comedy writer from Date #45

Length of date: 1 hour and 30 minutes

How the date was obtained: We talked about a second date after having our first.

Where: The Great White in Santa Monica for coffee and The Venice Canals for a walk.

There’s been some anticipation building about this date. My phone blew up after some of you learned I’d met a smart guy with potential who shared my sense of humor.

I chose the date activity of walking through the Venice Canals. In the past I’ve loved walking along the sidewalk, gazing into the water, spotting little wild animals and taking in the sights and sounds of nature, so I thought that George would like it, too.

Before our stroll, we got coffee at The Great White. I bought an $8, 8oz mocha. A dollar an ounce, folks. What a bargan!

As we started walking the canals, I realized the sidewalks were narrower and more overgrown than I remembered. They’re really made for only one person, maybe one and a half, or maybe one big person or two tiny people. Anyway, the whole time we were walking, one of us was slightly in front of the other, so it was hard to chat. This also meant that when a stranger approached, we had to stand off to the side – similar to when you are sitting in the middle seat on a plane and someone is trying to get to the window. “Excuse me, excuse you.”

Suddenly, a pit bull came out of nowhere and startled George. He jumped and his jumping made me jump. No one wants to feel jumpy on a date, but that’s what was starting to happen.

While wandering around, I lost my way and lead him out of the canal area, so we had to turn around. Unfortunately, George tripped and spilled his $8 mocha. Just then, I spotted a big dog bounding toward us. I thought “oh no, this dog is going to try and slurp up the mocha, and chocolate is toxic for dogs!” (I know this because our family pooch, Freddie, is a chocoholic and has had several trips to the vet to get his stomach pumped. Were these trips because of me? At times, because I used to have a hidden chocolate stash in my room. I'm not proud of this). When this big dog lunged toward the mocha, I crouched down and put myself between the dog and the deadly chocolate pooled on the ground. Did I save a dog’s life that day? Hard to say. The owner seemed more baffled than grateful.

Now I will list other things that happened:

  • A woman started feeding ducks in front of us, forcing us to wait. As she was wrapping up, George and I walked by and I gagged from the scent of duck poop. Cute!

  • George and I stepped to the side of the path, allowing a neighbor to pass and she took it as an opportunity to introduce herself. We then had a twenty-minute conversation with the woman who blurted out her opinion that “theatre is NEVER coming back and it’s impossible to watch the news anymore!!!!” She also handed us her business card. Cool!

  • George got spooked (again) by a motion-activated Halloween ghost. Awesome!

  • I saw a condom floating in the canal and decided to keep this information to myself. Wonderful!

  • We strolled very slowly behind two women smoking a J and because we couldn’t pass, we just sucked in the fumes. Great!

  • George almost stepped in vomit. Close call!

  • Then we stumbled upon one of those cute “tiny libraries” where you can “take a book” or “leave a book” but the offerings were erotic fantasy. I started thinking an apropos book for this date would’ve been, “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” Truth.

As you can tell, this wasn’t the most romantic date I’ve had. George and I rolled with the punches over and over again. But, all of the crazy things happening around us, distracted us from getting to know each other better.

As George walked me to my car, it felt awkward. Not just because the whole date had been filled with tense moments, but I just picked up on a general lingering awkwardness. George is a smart guy and funny, too. But he also seems a bit shy and reserved, which I sensed on the first date, too. Who knows, maybe the third date would change things and he’d feel more at ease. But, I’m thinking I’m more suited for an outgoing, relaxed guy.

Overall Experience:


The future for us… I’m going to have to bite the bullet and have the “friends” talk.

Next Week: Maybe a golf date with a guy from bumble! “FORE!”

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Nov 20, 2020

putting yourself in the way of chocolate to save the dog brought THE BODYGUARD soundtrack to my mind!

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