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June Update

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Stop talking all at once! Can one person talk at a time? Thank you. Yes, you with your hand up, what do you want? Bad news? Okay, I'll start with the bad news.

BAD NEWS: I didn't go on a date this week. I know, I know. I'm just as disappointed as you are... trust me!! I am the one who's trying to find love over here.

It's tough to date when there's a pandemic! But, don't worry - I will make it up! Date #26 will still happen! You have my word.

Now for the GOOD NEWS! I'm going back to LA on Tuesday! So Date a Week LA can officially resume! Gone are the days of dates where I have to pick up Freddie's poops and maybe even no more of The League virtual speed dating! I am looking forward to resuming my pursuit of love in sunny LA! I am also looking forward to Magnolia's banana pudding (and if you don't know what that is then I am genuinely sorry).

When all is said and done, I went on fourteen dates in Portland! I've only been on eleven in LA! I even looked back on my Instagram and saw the posts where I addressed what I was going to do when COVID-19 started becoming serious. I can't help but sigh at my naivety. Oh, how the times have changed. Now I know that love can not conquer COVID-19. That being said, I will move forward with dating in LA using the best social distancing practices and wearing a mask!

For reference, this is what I posted on the Date a Week LA Instagram when COVID started.

Now, for the monthly update!

25 down, 27 to go!

Total number of miles driven: 99.9 - still (the amount of driving is taking a nosedive as the quarantine drags on)

Total time spent on dates: 52 hours! Wowza!

Dates where I mentioned tortoises in some way: 14 (none since last month! Can you say "progress"?!)

After the Final Rose:

Roger really dominated this month's dates and for good reasons. I really enjoyed the time I spent with this tennis-playing, cookie-making man. In fact, after Date #23, I had some hope that things might start to sizzle. But, after he drove three hours from Seattle to have an in-person date during a Portland monsoon, I felt like the weather gods had it in for us. Our chemistry didn’t sizzle; it was more like trying to spark a flame outside when it's wet and windy. But don't get me wrong, Roger is a really great guy and if any of you lucky ladies would like to be set up with him, then DM me! And if any of you lucky guys want to be set up with me and you're in LA, plz DM me. I think I've made it pretty clear that I am single and ready, willing, and able to mingle.

Date #25 - Joe:

As you might remember, last week I went on a beach walk with Joe! I got to learn about dating and marriage in Kenya, which is where Joe is from. Since the date, I have chatted with Joe and we both agree that living in different states is no way to start a relationship. But, we will remain friends!

Next week: I will be in LA and there will be a date! Hazzah!


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