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September (and August) Update

You found me out, folks. I am not perfect. I missed the August update! So, I'm including it with September. I know all of you were shaking in your boots, thinking, "Has Isabel lost it? Does she even know what month it is?" To answer your question: yes I do, so Happy Christmas and a Merry Hanukah to all!

Here are my 2020 dates by the numbers

First of all, 39 dates down, 13 dates to go! Wowza

Total number of miles driven: 370 - that's a whole tank! Dang!

Total time spent on dates: 90 hours

Dates where I mentioned tortoises: 19

Dates for August:

Dates #30 + #31 + #32 + #33 + #34 were all with Kelly, the surfer, medical device salesman, and magic enthusiast. These dates involved sleight-of-hand, sushi, and some smooches. Bow-chicka-wow-wow.

August was dominated by my time with Kelly and I was optimistic about our relationship. We had fun together and I felt like I could be myself around him. I did get frustrated by his busy schedule, but we laughed, talked about our goals, and did I mention smooching?

Then, September rolled around. Summer ended and fall began. The bloom was coming off the rose. Things started FALLing apart. See what I did there? I is a awesome righter.

Dates for September:

Dates #35 + #36 + finally Date #37 were also with Kelly.

If you haven't read Date #37, do yourself a favor and click on that super convenient hyperlink. This post explains why Kelly and I are no longer seeing each other, what I learned from this short but informative relationship, and how I’m moving on. I am really proud of this post because it made me realize I’ve developed a lot of perseverance, grit, and confidence. A couple of years ago, I wouldn’t have stood up for myself the way that I did when things unraveled: that’s growth and it feels good!

Now I’m meeting some remarkable new people and writing about a bunch of recent dates including three setups in a row, so thanks amazing readers! You’ve got my back!

Anyway, I coerced two of my funny, smart, and fearless friends, Brittany and Cornelius, to give Date-a-Week a try. They’ve gone on five dates and have come up with some awesome conclusions about how dating every week has impacted their lives. That post is yet to come, so stay tuned.

Here are Brittany and Cornelius for reference. As you can see, Cornelius decided to stay anonymous although he still wanted to show off his toned bod - I get it. You've got great legs, Cornelius.

Positive feedback about Date-a-Week 2.0 made me realize it could take on a life of its own. Date a Week LA started as my journey, and I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I think being proactive in a search for love has the potential to be a movement -- maybe a really grassroots, non-funded movement right now -- but still a potential movement.

So, I am continuing Date-a-Week 2.0 by having 2 new daters for the month of October! So, without further adieu, here are the newest singles coming to a city near you!

Christine: (on the left obviously)

Age: 32

Height: 5’11”

Location: West Hollywood

Dating apps she's using: bumble

Job: artist (actor, writer, filmmaker, experience curator)

Looking for: She doesn’t know yet but probably a relationship if she finds the right guy.

Last relationship: a year ago with a rebound guy she "should never have dated". Relationship lasted for 4 months.

Ryan: (who has decided to stay anonymous)

Age: 23

Height: 5’11” (but if a female is asking, 6’0”)

Location: Marina Del Rey, CA

Dating apps he’s using: Bumble and Hinge

Job: Unemployed, he's "desperately looking for work"

Looking for: "something casual, but wouldn’t be opposed to something more serious with the right person. Ideally, someone aged 21-25 within 15-20 miles who is “fine like a ticket on the dash” and has a good sense of humor. Preferably someone who isn’t a serial killer. Also hoping to get better at using dating apps because so far it’s been painful conversations about dogs and The Office."

Last relationship: 2-year relationship ended during COVID

Stay tuned because we've got a whole lot of year left and a lot more dates to enjoy.

With love and smooches,



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