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February Update

9 dates down, 43 to go. Still, woof.

Key Takeaways: A first date might lead to a second date, but a second date might not lead to a third.

Here are my 2020 dates by the numbers

Total number of miles drive: 87.9 miles

Total time spent on dates: 23 hours 47 minutes

Dates where I mentioned tortoises in some way: 8 (not 9 – that's progress)

Drinks I ordered:

· 3 Waters

· 2 Smoothies

· 2 Diet cokes

· 1 Oat Milk Vanilla Latte

· 1 Horchata

After the Final Rose:

After the date with Logan, we texted back and forth for a little while longer. This was one of the better dates I had gone on and he was such a genuine person. But, I knew deep down that I just wasn’t attracted to him. I finally said that I thought the chemistry wasn’t there and he said that he understood and he wished me the best of luck.

Harry and I continue to be friends. In fact, both of us were cast in a staged reading recently. I walked into the first rehearsal and there he was, he appeared out of thin air! He was a magician after all. Harry was fantastic in the staged reading. He had a magnificent Brooklyn accent for the show. I was asked to NOT do a Brooklyn accent because it was “inconsistent.” Why don’t you just spit in my face, director who shall remain nameless?

(Harry was kind enough to write about his experience on our date and you can read that next week.)

Date #7 – Ricky [Bobby], the bodyguard who drove the "fancy" convertible:

Ricky wanted to go on a second date and I said: “If you ain't first, you’re last. Shake and Bake. Also, best of luck.”

Date #8 + Date #9 – Leonardo:

This was my first time going on a second date (of this journey). It was filled with hiking and room temperature smoothies, which weren't the only thing that made me uncomfortable. This date made me confront some bigger questions, like: How long is it going to take for me to feel comfortable with a stranger? What are the intentions of someone that invites you up to their place? Should a smoothie ever be served at room temperature? Hard-hitting questions.

To read all of my feelings about the second date with Leonardo, click here,

As always, thank you for reading, following and subscribing to Date a Week LA. I feel so grateful for the love and support that has come my way.

Shake and Bake,



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