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April Update

18 down 34 to go. That’s a third of the way through!

Key Takeaways:

My Date a Week LA 2020 dates, by the numbers:

Total number of miles driven: 99.9 (the amount of driving is taking a nosedive as the quarantine drags on)

Total time spent on dates: 35 hours and 55 mins

Dates where I mentioned tortoises in some way: 13

Drinks I ordered:

· 5 Waters

· 2 Smoothies

· 2 Diet Cokes

· 1 Oat Milk Vanilla Latte

· 1 Horchata

After the Final Rose:

First, an update about Tom from Date #11:

About 2 months ago, I went on a blind date with Tom, who is a fellow actor in LA. Before the quarantine, we made plans to go on a date when he got back from a trip to San Diego. But soon after that conversation, the pandemic hit, and we went our separate ways.

But... recently I was on Hinge (the Dating App) and who did I see? Tom.

There's something really awkward about seeing someone you know on a dating app. I've come across people from high school and college, mutual friends and childhood friends, people I've worked with and taking improv classes with, and each time it is uncomfortable. It feels almost invasive. I would never ask anyone in person if I could see their dating profile, so seeing the pictures they chose, the prompts they answered and their "professions" is cringy.

Guys, you shouldn't say you're an "audio engineer and technician" if you just mix beats in your parent's basement.

Anyway, I saw Tom's profile come up on Hinge, just thinking it was any other random guy and what I saw was questionable. The first picture was one where he was riding a tractor (or maybe an ATV) with an American flag tank top on, which was enough for me to think that I wouldn't fit into this lifestyle. Just to clarity, I don't have anything against America or tractors. I can just be selective on dating apps when I am flooded with dozens of male profiles at a time. But right after I swiped left I thought: "wait do I know him?" So, I undid my swipe and there he was: Tom.

This really made me stop and think. Tom and I had a great time on our date. I really enjoyed talking to him and we had a lot in common, but I was so quick to say no to his dating profile. It makes me wonder: am I saying "no" to Mr. Right?

Date #15 and Date #16 - Billy

Billy [Joel], the piano man, and I haven't gone on a date for a couple of weeks, but we have talked on the phone. He even dropped off beautiful flowers to my house when I wasn't feeling well. Don't worry, I don't have the dirty 'Rona. I just wasn't feeling myself. After that, Billy and I talked on the phone and had a candid talk about our relationship. We both agreed that we want to be friends in the future. And I super grateful to have him in my life.

Date #17 - Walt

After going on the date with my ex (Walt), I asked him what he thought about the posts. I was happy to hear that he liked them. He is also grateful that we are friends. In regards to his bitmoji, he said, "I’m way paler and my hair isn’t nearly as cool." So here is my updated version of Walt's emoji:

Walt, I hope that's better.

Up this week:

I will be going on TWO dates because I'm making up for last week, where I didn't go on a date.

You may ask: "Two dates! How will you do it, Isabel?"

I would reply: "If you know any single men, in their 20s who are looking for a fun, fresh gal to go on a date with then PLEASE send them my way!"

This is not a drill, people. I need dates.

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13 mai 2020

Do you want to go on a date to a virtual rave with me?

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