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May Update

22 down, 30 to go! Next month, I will be halfway done!

My Date a Week LA 2020 dates, by the numbers:

Total number of miles driven: 99.9 - still (the amount of driving is taking a nosedive as the quarantine drags on)

Total time spent on dates: 41 hours 45 minutes

Dates where I mentioned tortoises in some way: 14 (one more since last time for those of you who are keeping score.)

After the Final Rose:

Date #18 - The League

This was the date where I resorted to The League speed dating again. I am hoping for several reasons that there will be no more speed dating in my future. But, desperate times call for desperate measures...

So, Dirty 'Rona - I would really appreciate it if you wrapped it up. I think we're all getting tired of you. And I would personally like to go back to meeting people in person and never doing virtual speed dating again. Xoxo, Isabel.

Date #19 - Rick

As you may remember, this was my third date with Rick (a crowd favorite). This was also the date where my lovely Schnoodle (schnauzer + poodle), Freddie, made his first and last appearance. Don't worry, he's not dead. He's just not invited back on my dates after Poop Gate. You may ask, "Isabel, what is Poop Gate." Poop Gate, my friends, is my family's name for when Freddie dropped not one, but two deuces on my date.

Rick and I have not seen each other since the aforementioned Poop Gate. I don't think it's because of Poop Gate, but who knows. Either way, I'm bummed that Rick and I are not seeing each other, maybe it just wasn't meant to be...

Date #20 - Nacho

A couple weeks ago, Nacho, took me to (virtual) burning man. Nacho is a reader of Date a Week LA, so I asked him if he would want to write anything for this blog! He agreed. So, without further adieu, here is what Nacho had to say about our date,

Nacho's viewpoint:

First of all I have to say: of all the women I’ve dated in LA, Isabel had to be the most adventurous, fun-loving, and imaginative person I’ve ever met. 

We chose an imaginary place for our date... of course this only works with the support of your partner. They make you believe in your own imagination and vice versa. Without their support, your belief in that imaginary place will fail, and you’ll just be FaceTiming in funny clothes.

We chose this date because it seemed to speak to the things that were most important to us: life under quarantine, and improvisation.

In my experience, the best dates involve activities that neither person has ever done before. When two people agree to try something new, they automatically cling to each other. In fact, dating is about doing simulations that lead to finding that person that you would like to cling onto IRL*. 

Now back to Burning Man: Isabel was incredibly resourceful! When we arrived at our imaginary rave and Isabel realized that I was the least-cool guy there, she admirably abandoned me for cooler people**. I was so proud of her for that! After all, I was a rave newbie, and a wimpy one, with lousy dance moves. While she was gone, I stumbled into trouble. I was kidnapped by wooks who gave me bad shrooms. When I finally found Isabel again, I was wet, cold, and without any shoes. Isabel is always looking on the bright side: when she saw me cold, shivering, half-naked, and without any shoes, did she let that bother her? No! Like a trooper, she plowed ahead and informed me that she met the cool kids who could offer her the VIP rave experience. The only cost would be “Cash, Grass, or Ass" ***. I did what I could so that Isabel could have what she deserved: the perfect rave experience. Eventually, I bought an imaginary motorhome for us to travel around the world with and become social media influencers, she seemed to like that well enough. In the end, I just hope I was able to give her what she deserved: the experience of a lifetime.

It's me again, Isabel. I am putting some footnotes here to explain myself.

*In Real Life

**I abandoned Nacho because he informed me that he was going to play other characters besides the "rave newbie." So, I left him so that he could play those other characters. It was the only way!

***Nacho told me about this "Cash, Grass, or Ass" thing while we were improvising. And apparently, it's a real thing at festivals like Burning Man. News to me.

Also, Thank you Nacho for your insights and kind words. Our time together was unforgettable!

Date #21 - Roger

This was my first date with Roger, but definitely not my last. More of Roger to come...

Up this week: Both Date #22 and Date #23. Double Trouble with Roger.


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